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About Us

Here at Flamboyant Hair, we specialize in selling and distributing high quality hair for affordable prices. We pride ourselves in being one of, if not the best in the hair world. At Flamboyant Hair, you are guaranteed to have a fine variety to choose from; from Malaysian to Braziian; from Deep Wave to Body Wave. We supply the best grade of hair in its natural state without any odor. All of our hair products can be dyed, bleached and chemically altered. Our  hair flows with motion and bounce even after chemically altered. We have customers that have worn our products for more than a year. We have a good reputation and have always worked hard to maintain the high level of our client service and the very best customer service.


Our Hair:


  •   100% unprocessed hair

  •   No tangle or shedding problem

  •   Can keep the same quality after washing

  •   Can be bleached or dyed to any color

  •   Natural color without chemically treated in anyway,

  •   Can dye to both lighter and darker color

 No odor



What Sets Us Apart From Other Companies?

  • Same day door to door service (upon availability)

  • Methods of payment - PayPal, major credit cards, and cash on delivery.

  • Offer a salon setting where you can purchase hair and get it installed while being treated like the Queen you are!




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